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One Year After Isaac

Isaac was a non-newsmaker for most of the country, but devastating for a few of our communities in the Greater New Orleans area. One being the town of Madisonville where our church is currently located. I’m grateful for a strong recovery for our community, for a tremendous surge of Disaster Relief Volunteers from September-December. Then for the opportunity to bring a few folks back home January through August. A few pics:

Intersection of Hwy. 21 & Hwy. 22 in Madisonville.

Intersection of Hwy. 21 & Hwy. 22 in Madisonville.


As usual, tree damage was significant on the Northshore.


Volunteers pray with an elderly homeowner after cleaning up his yard.

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The Jenkins family moved home January of 2013, thanks to the work of volunteers from Hosanna Lutheran, FBC Mandeville, & Bridge Church.


Laura Mae Chatallier, 97 years young, had repairs completed in March 2013.


Our last project is getting Ms. Pat Stein back in her home. Should happen any day.

Thanks to the volunteers that gave time, talent, money, materials & more to these projects. And glad the sun is shining outside on August 29th, 2013.


“I was in prison and you came to me” Matt 25:36

Chaplain Michael Oats at the St. Tammany Parish Jail is in need of volunteers for the new Program wing at the jail. This includes a Faith-Based Dorm, a GED Dorm, A Literacy Dorm, and a Life Skills/Pre-Release Dorm. Volunteers are needed to teach Bible Studies, Celebrate Recovery, tutor for GED and literacy training, and teach money management, marriage/parenting, job interview skills, etc. If you or your church would like to help let me know at, or contact Chaplain Oats @ 985.276.1040. There will be a Volunteer Orientation meeting this Thursday, January 6th, 6pm @ the St. Tammany Parish Jail, 1200 Champagne St., Covington, LA 70433.

Most of the inmates at our local jail will be neighbors again soon and many of them have families on the outside who are at risk. It’s easy to criticize the Sheriff and talk bad about the criminal. How about being part of the solution for our justice system and for an individual whom God loves that happens to be in jail? Join me Thursday at the jail and be part of the solution.

Fall Ministry/Church Planting Conference Opportunities in the Southeast:

  • Ridgecrest On the River, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Sept 11. Focus is on Sunday School, but this year James Welch will be leading breakouts on Church Planting.
  • Live Sent, Lakeland, FL, Sept 17-18 Speakers: Alan Hirsch, Jason Dukes. Cost: $25.
  • Catapult Conference, Mobile, AL, Sept 22-24. Speakers: Alan Hirsch, Reggie McNeal, Mike Slaughter, Music by Derek Webb. Cost: $150.
  • Principles of Church Planting and Church Revitalization Workshop @ NOBTS, Oct 18-22. Taught by Damian Emetuche. Oct 21, Gary Irby from Seattle Church Planting, will be teaching on Partnership Development, Legal & Financial issues in Church planting, Planting Opportunities in Seattle, and Q&A time. Register through the New Orleans Seminary to receive credit for the class.
  • Replicate Conference, NOBTS, Oct 29-30. Speakers: Bill Hull, Tony Merida, Chuck Kelley, Tim LaFleur, Don Wilton. Cost: $59, $29 for students.
  • Annual SE LA Church Planting Celebration Banquet, Friday, Nov 12. Time and place TBA.
  • Exponential Conference, Orlando, FL, April 26-29, 2011. Current Registration: $99. Never too early to start prepping for the National New Church Conference in April.

Are there others?

Chiapas Team Update, Free Museum Day, etc.

I just skyped with Sergio Matassa, the missionary in Chiapas, Mexico. Our Mission team just arrived back into the city from the Lacandon Jungle and were getting ready to go out on the town (San Cristobal de las casas, incredible city). They had 33 professions of faith and other cool things take place. Can’t wait to hear the personal testimonies next Sunday from Derek Kitterlin and Eddie Koch, our own guys on the trip. And of course start planning the next trip to the Jungle – any takers? For more info on the work in Chiapas, check out

poster_2009FYI:Saturday is FREE MUSEUM DAY nationwide. Locally, the D-Day Museum, LA Children’s Museum, Lake Ponchartrain Basin Maritime Museum, and a few others will be participating (here’s the list). At the Maritime Museum in Madisonville they will be unveiling the official T-Shirt that volunteers will receive for free for their work at the Wooden Boat Festival on October 10-11. If you’d like to volunteer with Bridge Church and the Boat Fest Children’s Village, download and fill out the Volunteer Registration Form and bring it Sunday (check out the Festival Poster to the right). For 4 hours of volunteering you get the free T-shirt, a meal pass, and you get to help Bridge Church serve thousands of people in our community.

Join us Sunday as we continue our study of 1 John. Last Sunday we talked about the Real Jesus, this week we’ll talk about the Real Christian. Our questions will be, “How can I be certain that I’m a Christian?” and “Should I be so certain that I’m a Christian?”

Download last weeks message from our website and check out a few supporting articles on my blog here.

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