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Texas Hill Country On Mission Family Retreat

Spent a great few days at Uno Mas Ranch in Bandera, TX, last week retreating with our family, a few families from our church, & connecting with a great church plant in the City of San Antonio called The Well Community Church. Since we want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to be on mission & about 40% of our congregation is under 10, we’re trying to provide opportunities for families with small kids to participate in mission trips & retreat type events together. Uno Mas Ranch was the perfect place. Hope to make this an annual trip!

Basic Bulgarian w/Benjamin – Lesson #2

Ben’s Mom and Dad are serving as art consultants in Bulgaria. He’s picking up the language quite well. See lesson #1 here. Looking forward to learning more Bulgarian with Benjamin.

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Basic Bulgarian with Benjamin – Lesson 1

Ben’s Mom and Dad are serving as art consultants in Bulgaria. He’s picking up the language quite well. Looking forward to learning more Bulgarian with Benjamin.

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Chiapas Team Update, Free Museum Day, etc.

I just skyped with Sergio Matassa, the missionary in Chiapas, Mexico. Our Mission team just arrived back into the city from the Lacandon Jungle and were getting ready to go out on the town (San Cristobal de las casas, incredible city). They had 33 professions of faith and other cool things take place. Can’t wait to hear the personal testimonies next Sunday from Derek Kitterlin and Eddie Koch, our own guys on the trip. And of course start planning the next trip to the Jungle – any takers? For more info on the work in Chiapas, check out

poster_2009FYI:Saturday is FREE MUSEUM DAY nationwide. Locally, the D-Day Museum, LA Children’s Museum, Lake Ponchartrain Basin Maritime Museum, and a few others will be participating (here’s the list). At the Maritime Museum in Madisonville they will be unveiling the official T-Shirt that volunteers will receive for free for their work at the Wooden Boat Festival on October 10-11. If you’d like to volunteer with Bridge Church and the Boat Fest Children’s Village, download and fill out the Volunteer Registration Form and bring it Sunday (check out the Festival Poster to the right). For 4 hours of volunteering you get the free T-shirt, a meal pass, and you get to help Bridge Church serve thousands of people in our community.

Join us Sunday as we continue our study of 1 John. Last Sunday we talked about the Real Jesus, this week we’ll talk about the Real Christian. Our questions will be, “How can I be certain that I’m a Christian?” and “Should I be so certain that I’m a Christian?”

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My Best of for 2007

After Christmas comes the litany of what was best in 2007. As a way to evaluate my year, I’ve put together a few list of my own. Feel free to add your own.

Best books read:
1. Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham – God’s discipleship strategy was the family. Refreshing.
2. Confessions of a Reformission Rev by Mark Driscoll – Being a church planter, I’ve had many of the same thoughts.
3. Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell – Behind enemy lines, surrounded, sacrificing for the team, dangerous rescue, Medals of Honor, True story, etc.
4. Breaking the Missional Code by Ed Stetzer and David Putnam – The church becoming a missionary in the community. It’s time to apply mission principals here at home. Thank God for this book.
5. Living the Cross Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney – First importance – the Cross. Centering life on that is the pursuit of a lifetime.

Best Podcasts:
1. Matt Chandler, Village Church, Dallas, Texas
2. Rick Warren Ministry Podcast, Saddleback Church,
3. Ravi Zacharias, RZIM Ministries
4. Fighter Verses (Scripture Memory), Bethlehem Baptist Church
5. Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church, Seattle, Washington
6. Tom Cheyney, NAMB Church Planting Group
7. Darrin Patrick, Journey Church, St. Louis, Missouri

Best Places/Events Visited:
1. Azalea Falls, Arkansas – Family Vacation, May 2007.
2. San Kristobal, Chiapas, Mexico – Mission Trip, October 2007
3. Jena, Louisiana – No matter what they say, I still love my home town
4. Abita Springs Crawfish Festival, Abita Springs, Louisiana – May 2007
5. Hope Cafe, Hope Church of Waldheim

Experiences that have helped me grow:
1. Watching my son being wheeled away for surgery – September 2007. Jack broke his arm and had minor surgery to set the bones and insert pins. However, it was still a life changing hour of my life. I now know what they mean when they say, there is no such thing as minor surgery.
2. Hearing unfounded criticism and gossip about myself spoken from someone I considered a friend. Not responding to immaturity and ignorance with my own immaturity and ignorance has been a challenge that has forced me to rely on God more than anything. Loving those who say all manner of evil against you is truly a supernatural phenomenon, impossible apart from Christ. The pain of conflict seems constant in ministry. It’s what I dislike most about what I do, but it has helped me grow as a Christian and as a leader like nothing else.
3. Preaching at the graveside service of a dear friends infant son – January 2007. I’m still trying to figure out what I should say. But God gave me grace and His Word gave us comfort.
4. Watching those friends recover and serve God enthusiastically the remainder of the year. I’ve learned in ministry that it’s the people who should be and could that usually don’t serve enthusiastically and sacrificially, and the people that shouldn’t have to that usually do. God’s strength is promised in our weakness and God gave incredible strength to these friends and amazed me in the process.
5. Choosing to confront instead of flatter a friend. Knowing that something must be said and that it might cost friendship has kept me up several nights as a Pastor desiring to protect the flock God has placed me over. Sleepless nights and responding to the call to be honest has helped me grow this year.
6. Preaching and serving in a primitive Indian village in Southern Mexico – October 2007. Trying to communicate from English, to Spanish, to Tzotzil, in speech and in culture was an awesome experience. Seeing the light bulb of the Gospel burst on in their hearts and minds, made it very much worth the effort.

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