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  1. Hi Lane, thank you for sharing Jonathon Edwards’ resolutions. I have never read them and they are truly inspiring. Can I print them from this site? I am not too computer savy. Dad and I are going through a DVD called “Be Still and Know That I Am God”. I sure do recommend watching it. It is a wealth of information on Comtemplative Prayer. It features Dr. Henry Cloud, Max Lucado, Beth Moore and lots of other people. I think Heather would really like it. It would be a great Valentine treat for her. I borrowed it from a friend but Lifeway or someone online probably has it. We love you all and pray God’s richest and best for you all in the new year.
    Have a great week, Nelda

  2. you are my Joseph.
    I love you.

  3. Hey Lane,
    Love the blog. Great meeting you at the church planting workshop. I am looking forward to connecting and partnering with you and your church through the years. Here is my contact info below:

    Rob Wilton
    Vintage Church

    Blog: robwilton.blogspot.com

  4. Hey Lane, I found this resource today and thought you might be interested. I have already e-mailed Ellis about it this morning.

    You might have already heard about it or at least the concept, but they provide all the resources for you, and for free! Read a bout it for a minute to get the overall idea, then click on “Resources for churches” then click on “Non Bible Sunday service”. Everything you need to host a No Bible Sunday is there. It is amazing!! Let me know what you think.
    Love- Aunt Bethie

  5. Cindy Shriver

    Blessings in the Lord. I am about to go back out to the mission field, up to the Indians in Mexico. I was blessed by the picture of the woman with her children, and would like to ask permission to use this on my letterhead. I will be sending out monthly newsletters to update my supporters, and was deeply touched by this picture. I miss them so much. I am blessed in God’s grace to allow me the priviledge to go back out and minster to these beautiful people. Please let me know if it would be possible to use this picture.

    Blessings in the Lord,

    Cindy Shriver

  6. Hello Lane

    I want to take you up on that offer of breakfast sometime in the near future. We met at Thompson Road Baptist Church when you spoke at our revival. I wanted to share some great news with you and mabey connect with you for some future ministry or misson work. You see, I have been accepted into New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I will be working twords the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry, I will probably minor in Church Music and Psychology and Counseling. Anyhow the Lord has compelled me to connect wity you. When you have time please email me and we can set something up.


  7. Hi Lane,

    Happy New Year to you! I trust you are having an enjoyable day. My name is Todd Stepp and I work for BooksChristian.com, here in Franklin, TN. We are a Christian owned & operated company that sells over 200,000 Christian products.

    I have visited your blog and have noticed that you post book reviews on your blog. I wanted to see if you would be interested in partnering with us, enabling visitors to your blog to purchase books that you already review, as well as other books that you may suggest to them (books of the day etc.). In return we would pay you 9% on every sale made. There is very little work that would need to be done on your end, as we provide all the tools to create links and codes that you can post on your blog. Again, this is simply a partnership in providing links for your blog visitors to purchase books from our website.

    I would love to discuss this further with you at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing from you!


    Todd Stepp

  8. Liked you comments about low commitment relationships. Here is an additional twist, we work with college students and post college singles/couples quite a bit and as a corollary to the lack of willingness to work through issues, there is a “Coke Can” mentality with relationship. It is meant to be enjoyed and then when you are done with it, you toss it and move on. Our mobile world uses relationship like a consumer product. I would say there is about a 50% chance that students that we have tracked with for years, stayed at our home, had dozens of meals here, may well never be heard from again with a couple of years. There are signs you can pick up, but there are still some that surprise you. One friend addressed this with a young woman that they became intimate friends while she was in college. She became distant after graduation and when she was pressed, admitted that she didn’t have any intent staying connected. It was for a season, and time to move on. We cease to put down roots, dig in deep…and at the end when we die, we, more and more, choose to be cremated. Partly financial maybe, but a large part…we don’t even have a place to call home to be buried. We are scattered or end up in the closet of a distant relative. It is one of the greatest challenges facing our church is re-orienting thinking in the millennials.

  9. My Brother passed away a couple of years ago and I still have clothes of his that are still very wearable please let me know if you can use. Thank you. Amy

  10. Hi Lane,

    I’m a new church planter (Legacy Church Plant) of Crossroads Community Church in Kenner. I’ve been working with George Ross, New Orleans Send City Coordinator. He asked me to contact you about church planting tools that will help the church plant. Any tools you can provide would be helpful. In addition, do you have a sample constitution and bylaws for a church plant? I’ve been asked to get one for comparison. Thanks for your help.


    Larry Johnson,

    Crossroads Community Church
    Kenner, Louisiana

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