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Worth Reading: Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World

One of the best books I read in 2022 was Bob McNabb’s Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World: Why Some Disciple-Makers Reproduce When Others Fail.

The book uses the personal experience of the author and research to answer the questions:

  • Why do some fruitful disciple-makers cease to be fruitful?
  • Why do some disciples become fruitful disciple makers and others do not?

The Answers are not complex. And they would be rather easy to implement for the church or leader that has the will.


  1. Evangelism training should be emphasized and ongoing and not just a one-off or a one-time event.
  2. Those who are part of a small group devoted to evangelism are the most effective at disciple-making.
  3. Effective Disciple Making Groups spend time talking about evangelism, praying for the lost, and doing something evangelistic every time they meet.
  4. Effective Disciple Making Groups define multiplication as their reason for existence.
  5. Effective disciple-makers have disciple-making leaders who model evangelism and disciple-making for them.
  6. Effective disciple-makers put themselves in a position to meet new people regularly and share the gospel early in relationships.

A lot of other research-based observations about effective evangelists and disciple-makers. You can take his survey and find other helpful resources mentioned in the book at McNabb’s website

Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

  • Those involved in ongoing evangelism training led twice as many people to Christ as those who weren’t. 
  • Becoming a part of a team that evangelizes together is the most important thing you can do if you want to multiply disciples. 
  • The groups that do the best job of helping their members grow and multiply disciples are the groups that meet for the express purpose of being a disciple-making team. 
  • Jesus’ goal was never to build individual disciples. He built a team and expected them to build other disciple-making teams called churches. 
  • Following involves fishing. If you are not fishing, you are not following. Churches are supposed to help their members be successful at catching fish and helping those fish mature and multiply. 
  • “Rather than asking the question ‘Are we growing?’ we need to ask, ‘Are our members leading people to Christ?’ and ‘Are they successfully helping new converts grow into mature believers?'”
  • Wherever you find disciples exponentially multiplying, you will find an emphasis on training. 
  • Highly effective disciple-makers average twice as much time discussing evangelism, praying for the lost, and actually doing evangelism together with others in their small group as non-effective disciple-makers. 
  • Most groups that function well as a disciple-making team define multiplication as their reason for existence. 
  • There is a clear relationship between prayer for the lost and disciple-making effectiveness. 
  • While the bible plainly characterizes evangelism as a process, it does not teach waiting to talk about Jesus with someone until after one has developed a friendship. 
  • Respondents who usually shared the gospel within the first few times they met someone exposed an average of 52 people to the gospel annually. This average fell to 15 for those who waited to share the gospel until an ongoing friendship was established and 25 for those who employed a mixed approach. 
  • Those who shared the gospel within the first few times of meeting someone led more than 400% more people to Christ on average each year than those who waited to establish an ongoing relationship, and they led 44% more people to Christ on average each year than those who approached evangelism with a mixed approach. 
  • Disciple-makers who said they were a part of a small group that spent at least 20 minutes weekly discussing evangelism, 20 minutes praying for the lost, and 20 minutes doing some sort of evangelism together are far more effective than those who didn’t. 

Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World is challenging, inspiring, and practical. A great resource for personal development as a disciple-maker and to be given to those in your disciple-making team. There is also a Study Guide and a companion book called Foundations that are referred to in the book that can be used in small group or team settings.

Develop a New Habit: Scripture Memory

StockSnap_ZBW2P0D543One great way to get a grip on the Bible and the promises of God is through developing the habit of Scripture memory. Nothing has helped me more with this pursuit than The Bible Memory App. This App has been a daily companion for over four years now, helping me commit over 2,000 verses to memory. Here’s a list of my posts on Scripture Memory, including info on getting started with the Bible Memory App. I’ve never regretted a moment that I’ve invested in memorizing God’s word. The Bible Memory App helps me stay on a good plan for reviewing and mastering verses. Check it out!

  • Cultivating the Habit of Scripture Memory – Link
  • Why and How to Memorize Scripture – Link
  • Getting Started with the Bible Memory App – Link

The PRO version of the Bible Memory App is only $9.99. Get 20% or a couple bucks off with this link – PRO.

Baptized Believer to Baptizing Disciple Maker

Churches talk a lot about the Spiritual Milestone of Baptism. It’s a great next step for the person who has put their faith in Christ. BUT, have you experienced the milestone of baptizing someone else? Jesus commissioned EVERY believer to “Go… make disciples… BAPTIZING them… teaching them…” (Matthew 28:18-20). Did you know that Jesus didn’t baptize anyone? He let his disciples do that (See John 4:2). He wanted them to have the joy of leading others in their next steps in the faith. And it is a joy! a rush!

Who have you Baptized? At the church we attend, if you bring someone to Christ, we want you to have the joy of baptizing them. Where do I start?

  • Make a list of people in your life that need to know Jesus and respond to his offer of salvation.
  • Pray for them everyday. Pray for open eyes and open hearts.
  • Get clear on the Gospel. Get trained to share the Gospel. Here’s a 30 minute personal training – LINK.
  • Pray for opportunities to talk to your friend(s) about the Gospel.
  • Start a Bible Study and invite friends to it.
  • (not an exhaustive list. If this is important to you, you’ll find a way.)

Jesus wants us all to be Baptized believers in Him. But Jesus also wants us to be fruit bearing, obedient BAPTIZERS of new disciples.

Goal: Baptize at least one friend in 2022. Who’s in?

Send me the first name of your friend(s) so I can pray for them as well.

Do We Need a New Script for Church?

The decline of evangelicalism is well noted. While it’s never as bleak as presented, and there is no reason to fear. God is always working and has His people working too. Concerning is the inability of churches and leaders to adjust to changing realities and embrace different strategies. Programmatic approaches are simply not having the impact they did 20 years ago. How must we adjust? Flip the script from church centric, preacher centered thinking, to disciple centric, equipping church thinking.

Our Current Script about Church:

  • A Church has a preacher, who shares the Gospel, utilizing years of training and experience.
  • Members invite friends to the church to hear the gospel and get involved in programs that help them grow.
  • The church adds people to membership. New believers are baptized. Already believers are indoctrinated into the practices of this church.
  • Members grow and are ENCOURAGED to invite their friends and family to church to hear the gospel from the preacher and respond during the events at the church.

Nothing wrong or sinful about this script. But consider this alternative way of thinking for a new day.

Flipping the Script:

  • A disciple has a network of relationships.
  • He/she shares the gospel utilizing simple tools.
  • The disciple is encouraged, equipped, and held accountable by other disciples in a simple church that is focused on disciple making and fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • New disciples are baptized and immediately equipped by a Disciple Maker and Disciple Making Community (i.e Church) to share the gospel with their network of relationships using simple tools.

Church is vital as an equipper and encourager of the Disciple’s walk and ministry. Every disciple is a gospel sharer, not just the preacher. Everything doesn’t hang on the preacher’s ability to present the gospel. The Gospel spreads through relationships, not just through church sponsored events.

How might this script affect your current church?

The Soul Sustaining Habit of Scripture Memory

A few years ago, our family was going through one of those down seasons in the ups and downs of life. My mental focus and physical health were declining. I was discouraged and struggling mentally and emotionally. I knew I needed to change a few habits. As part of a recovery process, I deleted a bunch of apps on my phone (which might help you in and of itself) and dusted off an app I had dutifully downloaded but never utilized: The Bible Memory App. I’m now over three years of daily usage. I have over 1,800 verses mastered in the app and review 25-50 verses every day, during my devotional time, at spare moments throughout the day, and before bed. The habit of scripture memory has greatly improved my spiritual and mental health. It’s helped my preaching, speaking, and my discipling of others, as a growing library of verses are easily recalled in conversation and speaking opportunities. I also have a growing network of friends who are making the habit of scripture memory important, holding each other accountable, and finding the treasure that is God’s word ultimate for sustaining their souls.

While the Bible Memory App has worked for me, I don’t want to recommend that only. There are other good apps and tools out there. I want to recommend the soul-sustaining habit of scripture memory. Find a way that works for you to hide God’s word in your heart.

Here are several posts I’ve written about Scripture Memory and the Bible Memory App:

  • Cultivating the Habit of Scripture Memory – Link
  • Why and How to Memorize Scripture – Link
  • Getting Started with the Bible Memory App – Link

The PRO version of the Bible Memory App is only $9.99. Get 20% or a couple bucks off with this link – PRO

Start More Groups with Three Simple Questions

In today’s cultural climate, starting small Discovery Bible Studies may be the new front door into the kingdom of God. Disciples who make disciples need to learn the skill of multiplying groups, gathering people around the word of God who will gather people around the word of God. It’s not hard. Get ready by:

  • Get real familiar with the Gospel and with simple strategies to spread it – LINKLINK.
  • Learning to Recognize and Look for Persons of Peace or Spiritually Interested People around you – LINKLINK.
  • Ask these three questions when you find them:
  1. Would you be interested in reading / exploring / discussing the Bible to discover more about God?
  2. Who else do you know that might be interested?
  3. When would you like to start?

Gathering people around the word of God in groups that will multiply is a primal practice of disciples who make disciples. Don’t complicate it. Open your eyes, ask these questions, and start a group.

Contagious Relationships

“The most reliable predictor of conversion is relationships, especially preexisting, positive relationships. No movement can sustain exponential growth if expansion is primarily the responsibility of paid professionals.”

“Whatever someone’s prior beliefs, he is far more likely to adopt a new faith if he witnesses a friend or family member convert to the faith.”

“There are many factors that influence the decision to adopt a new faith, but the most important factor is a close and positive relationship with a committed participant.”

“If a church becomes too tight, it will become socially isolated; it may keep it’s members, but it will not grow.”

“Jesus moved from village to village looking for responsive people who would take the good news into the world of their relationships.”

– Steve Addison in Movements that Change the World – chapter on Contagious Relationships

One of the simplest ways to grow the kingdom and our churches is to lead people to identify the people around them who are far from God and train them how to share the faith with them.

  • Who’s Your One? LINK
  • Check out Ying Kai’s “List of 25” – LINK
  • Check out David Watson’s Prayer Calendar – LINK
  • We’ve used No Place Left’s Oikos Map – LINK

Come up with your own, but the gospel must spread again through relationships in today’s culture.

Have you seen the Seed Sower App?

Great tool to track your gospel sharing. Tracks people at different types of responses to the gospel, forms prayer list, and groups. Coming in 2.0 is the ability to form a church and every time the gospel is shared by someone in your church your phone will vibrate. Ha! Loving this app. Check it out. What apps help you with evangelism, gospel sharing, and disciple making?

There it is! The Great Commission!

Message from a 40-something year old, lifelong church attender in the south after reading the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20.

A few years ago, Barna and the Seed Company released a study that found that 51% of professed Christians did not know about the Great Commission. Only 17% recognized it and could espouse its meaning for the life of the believer. File this under “Issues of our Decline.” If a declining number of a declining number (professed Christians and church attenders) even know one of the primary purpose statements for every believer and every church from the author and founder of our faith, could this be a key indicator of sure decline.

In the Great Commission Jesus lays out the plan for world evangelization.

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded” Matthew 28:19-20.

  • Go – as you spread out across the world
  • Make Disciples – tell and recruit others to follow Jesus
  • of all nations – don’t discriminate. The message about Jesus was and is for all races and people groups
  • Baptizing them – lead them to commit their lives to Jesus
  • Teaching them to observe everything I have commanded – teach them to observe and live by the words of Jesus

The Great Commission gave the early church their marching orders, and its likely that if you are a born again Christian today, it’s only because someone took seriously and observed the Great Commission.

As we establish churches that are more organized, more theologically astute, better with technology, multi-whatever, kid friendly, etc., etc.; let’s not forget the command that launched the movement – The Great Commission. We can’t assume they know. We must return again and again to the basics of our mission espoused by Jesus in the Great Commission.


  • Am I living in obedience to the Great Commission by making disciples where I live and work?
  • Am I impressing the Great Commission on those I influence and lead?
  • How is my church passing on the Great Commission to those in our congregation?
  • Does your church have a plan to make disciples? Is it working? (Robby Gallaty)
  • How can we make the Great Commission known in our churches and groups?

Memorize One, Get Five for Free

This verse is repeated six times in the Old Testament and is great to memorize and meditate on during the month of November.

1 Chronicles 16:34 – “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, his faithful love endures forever.”

(Also found at Psalm 106:1; 107:1; 118:1; 118:29; 136:1).

So you can memorize one and say you memorized six! Lol!

Thanksgiving Memory Verses

Join me in memorizing 30 Thanksgiving verses on the Bible Memory App this month: LINK.

I’ve used the Bible Memory App daily for almost three years now. It’s been a great devotional tool. Helps me hide the word in my heart. And, only 100% better than scrolling Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat/TikTock, or whatever. Start a new habit with the Bible Memory App.

  • Get Started with the Bible Memory App – LINK
  • Cultivating the Habit of Scripture Memory – LINK
  • Why and How to Memorize Scripture – LINK
  • Develop a New Habit: Scripture Memory – LINK
  • How to Get a Grip on the Bible – LINK
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