Fall Ministry/Church Planting Conference Opportunities in the Southeast:

  • Ridgecrest On the River, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Sept 11. Focus is on Sunday School, but this year James Welch will be leading breakouts on Church Planting.
  • Live Sent, Lakeland, FL, Sept 17-18 Speakers: Alan Hirsch, Jason Dukes. Cost: $25.
  • Catapult Conference, Mobile, AL, Sept 22-24. Speakers: Alan Hirsch, Reggie McNeal, Mike Slaughter, Music by Derek Webb. Cost: $150.
  • Principles of Church Planting and Church Revitalization Workshop @ NOBTS, Oct 18-22. Taught by Damian Emetuche. Oct 21, Gary Irby from Seattle Church Planting, will be teaching on Partnership Development, Legal & Financial issues in Church planting, Planting Opportunities in Seattle, and Q&A time. Register through the New Orleans Seminary to receive credit for the class.
  • Replicate Conference, NOBTS, Oct 29-30. Speakers: Bill Hull, Tony Merida, Chuck Kelley, Tim LaFleur, Don Wilton. Cost: $59, $29 for students.
  • Annual SE LA Church Planting Celebration Banquet, Friday, Nov 12. Time and place TBA.
  • Exponential Conference, Orlando, FL, April 26-29, 2011. Current Registration: $99. Never too early to start prepping for the National New Church Conference in April.

Are there others?

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