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Texas Hill Country On Mission Family Retreat

Spent a great few days at Uno Mas Ranch in Bandera, TX, last week retreating with our family, a few families from our church, & connecting with a great church plant in the City of San Antonio called The Well Community Church. Since we want EVERYONE¬†to have the opportunity to be on mission & about 40% of our congregation¬†is under 10, we’re trying to provide opportunities for families with small kids to participate in mission trips & retreat type events together. Uno Mas Ranch was the perfect place. Hope to make this an annual trip!

D-Day, personal pics from the National WWII Memorial in DC

I’m a Published Photographer!

VOMCoverCheck out the cover of Voice of Martyrs Spanish Edition. I snapped that picture on a 2008 trip to a remote village in the Lacandon Jungle of Chiapas, Mexico. VOM’s Spanish Publisher found it on my blog (with this post) and requested to use it. I was honored for them to do so because I’m a fan of the work of Voice of Martyrs and I’m burdened by the tremendous needs in Chiapas. The current issue will be on the persecution of Evangelical Christians in Chiapas. Sign up to receive their free newsletter here.

Hope Church of Waldheim has been on two trips to the region, providing medical care and cultivating the ground for church planting among the Tzotzil Indians in the Highlands of Chiapas. Bridge Church, the new church we are a part of in West St. Tammany Parish, recently sent a team back to the Lacandon Jungle to continue the work. We hope to return in 2009. Keep in touch for info about future trips.

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Travelogue: Chiapas, Mexico

I had the privilege of spending last week with a few other Christ followers from Hope Church in Covington, LA, Willow Bend Church in Plano, TX, and Oak View Baptist Church in Irving, TX, serving and supporting the Tzotzil Church Planting Movement in Chiapas, Mexico. We traveled 1,500+ miles and saw 30+ people give their lives to Christ while treating 250+ medically. We traveled to two rural villages where churches are being planted among the Tzotzil Indians.

The food was incredible – “Tzotzil Wheat Energy Drink”

The scenery was breathtaking – Along the border of Guatamala

In the Lacandon Jungle

We missed the turn for our resort, but still had adequate housing – TENT CITY!!!

What an honor it was to be used of God to serve and share with such beautiful people. Please pray for the Tzotzil Nation in Chiapas, Mexico.

Please pray for the Tzotzil Church Planting Movement and its leaders. For more info visit

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