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May Wrap Up

Top Post and Favs for May ’12:

  1. Sweet Baby Kate – Welcoming a new baby girl to our family was the tops & fav for our family of course. Here’s an announcement Vid.
  2. “Isn’t that in a bad part of town?” – Why the phrase “the bad part of town” needs to be removed from our vocab.
  3. Current Church Planting Bibliography – Updated my tops list in Church planting Lit.
  4. This Momentary Marriage – Moving video by Desiring God about commitment in marriage
  5. How to Plant a Church Without Losing Your Marriage – Great list from Brian Bloye’s book It’s Personal.

From my Twitter Favs:

  1. Dave Ramsey ‏@DaveRamsey If you will live like no one else…Later you can live like no one else. Definition of maturity: ability to delay pleasure
  2. Rick Howerton ‏@rickhowerton There’s no such thing as a lazy leader. #oxyMORON
  3. Rick Warren ‏@RickWarren The fewer things we want, the wealthier we are.
  4. ‏@CMAResources Don’t defend the way you do church with scripture. Define the way you do church with scripture. — @brandonhatmaker
  5. Ed Stetzer ‏@edstetzer The community surrounding a church should benefit from the its presence. —
  6. Floyd McClung ‏@FloydMcClung  To activate faith of potential disciples Jesus always asked a step of faith from them. Little obediences sow DNA for big obediences.
  7. Bryan Loritts ‏@bcloritts  Cohabitation (shackin up) is on the rise largely b/c our boys aren’t becoming men. Boys play house, men make homes.

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