Ministry Innovation: Clean Water

  • 5 million people die every year of water-related illnesses.
  • It is estimated that half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by people with a water related illness.
  • Women and children in developing countries invest two hundred million hours a day fetching water.
~ Stats taken from Richard Stearns book The Whole in Our Gospel. I blogged about this book here.

One of the most crippling problems around the world is a lack of safe, clean water. Water related illness and disease and the

Before and After Water in Chiapas

time it takes to deliver and prepare water for living and cooking and bathing in the majority of homes and villages around the world slows progress, wastes precious resources, and causes tremendous grief and hardship to families. Many missionaries are engaged in projects to bring clean water to people as they share about the living water that quenches eternal thirst.

We are excited to be partnering with Sergio and Beth Matassa, of GLED, to bring clean water to hard to reach villages in southern Mexico through a simple, innovative bio-sand filter that can provide 120 gallons of safe water for a family every day for up to 20 years. Bridge Church has partnered with the Matassa’s to install filters in several village homes. Including an orphanage in Las Margaritas, Chiapas, Mexico, that was paying $8,500 per year for clean drinking water for the kids in

Bio-sand water filter being installed in Chiapas

their care. This filter will save this orphanage over $150,000 dollars over its life span and that money can be put into other resources for orphans in a very poor part of the Americas. What’s it cost us? $150! A small amount that saves lives, resources, and opens doors for the Gospel to be shared. These filters are made from scratch and utilizes natural sand and water flow to kill bacteria and clear up bad water. This week we’re installing a few filters in southeast Louisiana. If you’d like to see one in action or hear more about the water projects in Chiapas, or other innovations in missions, hit me up this week.

Read more about the Matassa’s ministry here. Support their work here. Let me know if you want information about future mission trips to Chiapas to reach out to the ancient Tzotzil Indians.

What other water projects do you know about?

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