Worth Reading: Spin-Off Churches

Spin-Off Churches: How One Church Successfully Plants Another by Rodney Harrison, Tom Cheyney, and Don Overstreet.

Much needed book written for those contemplating sponsoring a new church and for those that should be. This book leaves few stones unturned when it comes to the issues surrounding church planting, including theology, history, answers for nay sayers, models/approaches, scenarios, hardships, funding, etc. This church planter is praying for gigantic royalties for Harrison, Cheyney, and Overstreet.

Some interesting quotes thus far:
– …church planting is not for us, it’s for God. We do it so God will have a people to worship Him!
– If the American church is content ministering to whoever happens to show up each week, she misses her missiological purpose.
– A church must not be measured by its seating capacity but by its sending capacity.
– …fulfilling the Great Commission is the ability of the maturing church to be able to reproduce in healthy fashion.
– …we have replaced missional zeal with the practice of organizational birth control…Because most churches across our convention are childless. Recent research found out that only 3% of our Southern Baptist churches ever sponsored or planted a new church.
– Churches that plant churches are not focused on turnout, but rather on reproduction and multiplication.
– There is case after case of sponsoring churches approving building programs while the mission pastors of plants they sponsored were struggling far below the poverty level.

And for fun… The Top Ten Signs of a Broke Church Planter:
10. American Express says please leave home without it.
9. You are considering robbing the food pantry.
8. The long distance providers no longer call asking you to switch.
7. You rob both Peter and Paul.
6. You clean your home hoping to find change.
5. Right now a lottery ticket looks like an investment.
4. Your bologna has no first name.
3. You have begun washing Styrofoam plates and plastic forks.
2. You have a lovely basket of McDonald’s condiments in the middles of your kitchen table.
1. During the Lord’s Supper you go back for seconds.

A lot of great info here. This one will stay close to my desk for a long time.

Also check out Tom Cheyney’s site www.planterdude.com.

About Lane Corley

I am - Follower of Jesus Christ - Husband to the beautiful and patient Heather Corley - Father of two young men: Jackson (17), Hudson (13). And one Princess: Katherine Jubilee or “Kate” (7) - Church Planter / Church Planting Strategist for the Louisiana Baptist Convention. - When I can I’m reading, gardening, deer hunting, on mission with my church. - Hoping to be helpful to others & fruitful for God.

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  1. my favorite:

    – A church must not be measured by its seating capacity but by its sending capacity.

  2. Thanks for your kind words! We loved writing this book.


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