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You Might Be Wise If…

Started a summer study through the book of Proverbs at Bridge Church yesterday. I love Proverbs because it covers every issue we face in life through the lens of God’s inspiration. And because I love hard candy that takes a while to digest. Many of the Proverbs are like that. But spend time on them and you will grow wiser and follow them and your life will be different. What does the wise life look like? Here’s a little checklist:

According to Proverbs, you might be wise if…

  • You choose your friends wisely.
  • You listen to others.
  • You can receive correction from others.
  • You fear the Lord.
  • You discipline your children effectively.
  • You are generous with your wealth.
  • You treat the poor with care & concern.
  • You are careful with your words.
  • You refuse gossip & slander.
  • Your words mean a lot to others.
  • You save sex for marriage.
  • You love your spouse enthusiastically.
  • You can control your temper.
  • You understand the dangers of abusing alcohol.
  • You are not afraid of hard work.
  • You are honest in your business dealings.
  • You can be trusted as a friend.
  • You can be kind to your foes.
  • You rely on God’s word.
  • You trust God for salvation & provision.
  • You are not easily led into evil by others.
  • You do not lie.
  • You are humble instead of prideful.
  • You stay away from flirtation & the flirtatious.
  • You hate evil.
  • You are more concerned about who you are that what you have.
  • You can define riches without talking about money.
  • You have a truly meaningful life.
  • You have a good reputation with others.
  • You trust God instead of yourself & others.

Wise up with us Sunday’s, 10:30am at the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum in Madisonville.


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