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“Gift of Heaven, Our Savior” #worship

From the top of the Playlist… 


There’s a song in the air, there’s a star in the sky, hear a mother’s deep prayer, and a baby’s loud cry

 See the star rain its fire while the beautiful sing

For the manger of Bethlehem cradles the King


Gift of Heaven, our Savior, the word in flesh has come

 Precious Jesus, Redeemer, You’ve come to save the world


There’s a choir of joy and a marvelous birth, for the virgin’s sweet boy is the Lord of all the Earth


This baby boy will be our only victory, on the cross, on the cross

Sweet Jesus you will be our only victory, on the cross, on the cross

This baby boy will be our only victory, on the cross, on the cross

 Sweet Jesus you will be our only victory, on the cross, on the cross


You’ve come to save the world

 You’ve come to save the world

Emily Ward, Aaron Ivey, Caleb Price, Kyle Lent, Jimmie Ingram, Jimmy McNeal, Chris Collins, Justin Cofield.

© 2012 Austin Stone Worship (ASCAP) / 2012 Bird And Minion Music (BMI) / 2012 JCO Music Intl (BMI) (adm. by Austin Stone Music)

From the album A Day of Glory by Austin Stone.

“No one else can save us, redeem us, create a new life in us!” #Sunday #letsworship

From the top of the playlist this week…

Only Jesus Can

Jon Guerra

Can He breathe in to the dust?
Can He make sons out of us?
Life is in His mighty hands
Life is in almighty hands

He can do it, yes, He can
He will prove it, our God can
No one else can save us, redeem us, create a new life in us
Only Jesus can

Can He love His enemies?
Can He make them family?
Life is in His mighty hands
Life is in almighty hands

Can He heal the leper’s limb?
Can He cleanse us from within?
Can we drink from living streams?
Can we ever be redeemed?
He has healed the leper’s limb
He has cleansed us from within
We have drunk from living streams
Surely, we have been redeemed

We are Wired for Worship, but…

our worship terminates on the shallow and vacuous.

We have a war going on, and a good portion of the world is in an unbelievable mess of poverty, famine, civic unrest, and violence. And yet if you turn on the new in the United States you will be far more likely to hear about the daily activities of pop stars and actors or how much money an athlete is making and who he’s dating than anything meaningful. Surely anyone can see that our worship switch is always set to On, and we’re tuned to some ridiculously finite broadcasts. Grown men paint their bodies and surf an incalculable number of websites to follow a sports team – significant emotional energy poured into the physical abilities of children in a game. Go to any concert and you’ll see people lift their hands spontaneously and clap and close their eyes and be spiritually moved by music. People fish or hike to be in tune with nature. We put posters on our walls, stickers on our cars, ink under our skin, and drugs into our system. We do all of these things and others like them, pouring ourselves automatically and quite naturally into what is decaying. We want to worship something. Worship is an innate response. We are wired for it by God himself.

But something has gone wrong with the wiring.

Matt Chandler , in The Explicit Gospel

What is your worship directed at today?

The Heart of Worship

The Christmas story says a lot about the nature of true worship. And we can say that God sent Christ into the world so that we could have unfettered opportunity to worship Him. However, worship is misunderstood today as a place & time (“the Worship Service starts at…”) or an experience or element of a gathering (“the worship was great today”). We find a great definition of true worship in Mary’s song in Luke 1:46-55.

Worship is humble surrender born out of knowledge of God. 

Mary’s worship demonstrated three things:

1. Humility – “It’s not about me.”

Real Worship starts with the reality that life is about HIS value, and then wonder that I can be accepted, cared for, given to, by such an incredible God. Mary says, “my soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has looked on the humble estate of his servant” Luke 1:46-47. “It’s not about me. It’s about Him.” And “who me? I get to be part of this?.”

2. Surrender – “My life is Yours Jesus.”

Mary was a true worshipper because her heart was surrendered. In Luke 1:38 she said, “I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to Your Word.” In Luke 1:48, she again calls herself “His Servant.” The world here is literally bond-slave denoting one that has intentionally surrendered themselves to be in servitude to another. To surrender is to make your whole self available to God for whatever He desires. To say, “Your way is best. I’m listening. I’m ready to respond with yes.” The opposite of surrender is to resist, to fight, to struggle, to run away. And to make our way best and essentially ourselves god, which is idolatry. Mary’s worshipped with a heart that was without resistance.

3. Knowledge of God – “He has done great things for me, and holy is his name” Luke 1:49.

In this song, Mary shows us that she knows God’s word, has a deep understanding of God’s purposes, she knows his work in history, and that she’s internalized his promises to be for her and all of that led her to worship Him.

What has God done for you? How has God worked in your life? You can’t worship what you don’t know. Humility and surrender will open your life to experience God which will lead you to a life of worshipping Him.

So, is life all about you? is there resistance in your heart when it comes to the will of God? can you point to God’s work in your life? If not, during this Christmas season, humble yourself, surrender your heart and will, and get to know His story. Worship Him.

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