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#Outreach Idea: Gift Baskets for Teacher’s Lounges

We often hear laments about churches not being able to “get into the schools.” Most of the time, we’re trying to get in on our terms instead of thinking of ways to be a blessing (see Matthew 5:16, Philippians 2:3-4). We found one way that is enthusiastically accepted 100% of the time at our local schools: stuffing gift baskets full of goodies for teacher’s lounges at the beginning of the school year, holidays, & end of school. Snacks, healthy & not so healthy. Homemade baked goods. Office supplies & teacher gear. And always with a note of encouragement.

What are other ways that you or your church have been a blessing to your local schools?

WHAT IF every teachers lounge was filled with encouragement from local churches all year long?

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