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#NewYear: Gospel – Devotion – Relationships – Mission

21 Questions for clarity & focus in 2016. 


  • Is my hope & trust in Jesus Christ & His work for my salvation, success, sustenance in 2016?
  • What situation, life issue, or circumstance do I most need God’s help with this year?
  • Am I trusting God or myself in this situation, or life issue?
  • What person or relationship needs more grace & truth from me this year?
  • What sin do I need to confess & forsake right now?
  • How will I share the Gospel with others in 2016? In my home? In my community? at my work place?


  • How will I draw closer to God with intentionality in 2016?
  • What character quality, habit, discipline do I need to develop or hone in 2016?
  • When & where will I spend time with God in 2016?
  • What Bible reading plan will I follow to connect with God everyday?  What books will read to grow my faith?
  • How will I lead my family to experience God & his word in 2016?


  • What relationships do I need to work on mending in 2016?
  • Who will I lean on for advice? as a mentor? for accountability? & as a prayer partner?
  • Who can I call at 3am? or when I’m desperate?
  • Who can I open up to with my deepest hurts? confess my wrongs? share my private prayer requests?
  • Do I need to pray for deeper relationships?
  • Who will I mentor? Share the Gospel with? Pray for? Invest in?


  • How will I allow God to use my gifts? resources? home? money?
  • Is there a ministry at my church that I am investing in? that I can improve? that I can invite others to engage in ?
  • Is there a new ministry or need or project that God is laying on my heart to engage?
  • Who around me need encouragement? challenging? confronting? a listening ear? a prayer partner?
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