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Worth Reading: Missional Essentials

MissionalEssentialsThis past summer I worked through a 12 lesson study by Brad Brisco & Lance Ford called Missional Essentials. This is a great primer for discovering life on mission right where you are and understanding basic missiology. It would be great for small groups, discipleship groups, or personal use. Deals with issues like the nature of God & the church, consumerism & mission, rest & time management, biblical hospitality, & more. Check it out here:

A few of my favorite quotes:

  • in the church, we have focused almost exclusively on the idea of sending rather than being sent. We think primarily of sending and supporting missionaries in faraway places rather than seeing ourselves, both individually and collectively as being sent.
  • We should be sending people in the church out among people of the world rather than attempting to attract people of the world in among the people of the church.
  • We in the church often wrongly assume that the primary activity of God is in the church, rather than recognizing that God’s primary activity is in the world, and the church is God’s instrument sent into the world to participate in his redemptive mission.
  • Instead of thinking of the church as an entity that simply sends missionaries, we should instead view the church as the missionary.
  • God has sent you on assignment as a participant in his mission to the world. Your locale is no accident.
  • Hospitality involves living life in a way that places a higher value on relationships and community than on consumption and productivity.
  • Our families and our homes should be places where people experience a foretaste of heaven.
  • LIGHT: Listen to the Holy Spirit, Invite others to share a meal, Give a Blessing, Hear from the Gospels, Take Inventory of the day.

Jesus “was not seduced… He didn’t leverage” #leadlikeJesus

the key for the future of the Western Church is simple, but both profound and hard. The key is a powerful return to Jesus’ heart for making disciples, and multiplying them into missional leaders.

Think about how Jesus did his ministry. He preached God’s word to the multitudes, but was not seduced by the size and success of the crowds. He demonstrated the power of the Spirit through a miraculous ministry, yet he didn’t leverage it for his popularity. He moved on when he could have stayed and built momentum, and he continually prioritized his time, resources, teaching, and attention to a small group of leaders to whom he would one day hand the keys…

Jon Tyson, Multiplying Missional Leaders

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