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Thinking about numerical goals for 2012 & beyond. None challenges my faith more than ZERO. How about shooting for some of these?

  • Zero w/o the opportunity to respond to the gospel.
  • Zero homes destroyed by addiction, adultery, abuse, neglect.
  • Zero kids dying of curable diseases.
  • Zero elderly residents w/o life’s necessities.
  • Zero kids w/o encouragement, mentoring, and opportunity to connect w/God.
  • Zero suicides completed.
  • Zero kids waiting for adoption.

In our quest for numbers going up, let’s not forget to think about the ones that should be going down and add them to our stat sheets every now and then. Someone asked, “What difference does it make if our churches grow but the community continues to deteriorate?” If we’re really making disciples who respond to God’s call of engagement (Matthew 28:19-20), some things should be moving toward zero.

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