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The Dragon Slayer vs. The Fly Swatter

fly_swatterThe older I get, the more clearly I can see the big things – DRAGONS TO SLAY – that the little distractions – FLIES TO SWAT – keep me from working on. There are a lot of little flies out there that can keep us distracted from giving our lives to a mission bigger than ourselves & that will outlast this world. I want to live out my life Slaying Dragons & not just Swatting Flies. Here’s a few on my list:


  • A majority of the world & my community are facing eternity without Christ.
  • Discipling & capturing the heart of my kids.
  • Loving my wife as I love myself.
  • Overcoming my own selfishness & sin so that I can experience personal spiritual growth for myself & others.
  • Financial discipline & good stewardship.
  • Encouraging those who are losing hope.
  • Leading a church that makes disciples & glorifies God.
  • Living healthy so that I can be my best for God & my family for the longest possible time.
  • Fatherless kids without mentorship.


  • What other people think about me, my work, & my tribe.
  • The latest gadgets & gizmos.
  • “Must see TV.”
  • The Facebook Newsfeed. (A swarm of flies of Biblical proportions on there!)
  • Taking refuge (beyond just general enjoyment) in the things of this world – food, entertainment, etc.
  • Being satisfied with the way things are.
  • What people are NOT doing.
  • Relying on my own strength instead of God’s power.
  • Petty issues that bring divisions between God’s people.

Are you swatting flies or slaying dragons?

Good tip for us parents: You Can’t Bad-Attitude Someone into a Good Attitude

When is that last time someone confronted you in anger and your immediate response was something like, “Oh thank you, I am so motivated now to do better and try harder.” Correction packaged in a bad attitude is not motivating, stimulating, or helpful.

If it’s the kindness of God that leads us to repentance, we would do well to encourage repentance in others the same way.

from Rick Holland

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