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Pastoral Prayer for Humility #Tozer

Now, 0 Lord of heaven and earth, I consecrate my remaining days to Thee; let them be many or few, as Thou wilt. I accept hard work and small rewards in this life. I ask for no easy place. I shall try to be blind to the little ways that could make life easier. If others seek the smoother path I will try to take the hard way without judging them too harshly. I shall expect opposition and try to take it quietly when it comes. Or if, as sometimes it falleth out to Thy servants, I should have grateful gifts pressed upon me by Thy kindly people, stand by me then and save me from the blight that often follows. Teach me to use whatever l receive in such manner that will not injure my soul nor diminish my spiritual power. Let me never forget that I am a man with all the natural faults and passions that plague the race of men. And if in Thy permissive providence honor should come to me from Thy Church, let me not forget that I am unworthy of the least of Thy mercies.

A.W. Tozer 

Glorious Contradictions #devo #Tozer

“God has revealed so many glorious contradictions in the lives and conduct of genuine Christian believers…”

  • The Christian is dead and yet he lives forever. 
  • The Christian saves his own life by losing it, and he is in danger of losing it by trying to save it. 
  • the Christian is strongest when he is weakest and weakest when he is strongest.
  • The Christian is in least danger when he is fearful and trusting God and in the most danger when he feels the most self-confident.
  • The Christian actually has the most when he is giving away the most

Lord, help me be a glorious contradiction to this world. 


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