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Top Posts of 2015

Thanks for making it a good year on the blog! Blogging is more therapy for me than for anyone else. I consider it an extension of my personal journaling and teaching opportunities. Here’s the top 10 post that got the most interest this year:

1. Things Spiritual Infants Say – How can I know where I am or where those I’m trying to disciple and lead are spiritually? Try listening.

gator2. Top 5 Places to Plant a Church in Louisiana – Still many cities & communities in need of new churches in one of North America’s most unique cultures.

3. #ChurchPlanting Hack: Proven Ways to Cultivate Relationships & Plant Seeds – When starting a new church or wanting to impact a community for Christ through evangelism, scattering seeds should be one of your primary missions.

4. What’s Up with the Local Baptist Association? a few encouraging observations after attending about 15 Associational Annual Meetings

5. The Church Planter’s Wife – In honor of my church planting wife on our 16th Anniversary

6. Real Life Scenarios for #ChurchRevitalization: Merger and Multisite – 9 Keys to a Successful Church Revi Transition that includes Merging & Multisite

7. 5 Things You Must Do the First Year of a Church Plant

Adventure8. 8 Things You’ll Never Hear an On Mission Christian Say – There’s a marked difference between living the Christian life ON MISSION, & just going to church on Sunday’s. You can tell which side of this equation you’re living on by what comes out of your mouth.

9. Scenarios for #ChurchRevitalization: Refocus and Re-Energize – Three steps to revitalization: Assessment, Alignment, Advancement.

10. What is a Disciple? an acrostic I found and liked

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