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Kingdom Partnerships: Zimbabwe

In 2005, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Zimbabwe, Africa to initiate a partnership with Mbare Christian Fellowship in the capital city of Harrare. MCF is led by the visionary leadership of Peter Mabasa and a team of elders that just might fulfill the Great Commission even with inflationary rates in the millions in the once prospering now teetering country. The needs in Zimbabwe, then and now, are overwhelming. On our trip we visited orphanages providing medical care, worshiped in village churches, provided leadership training, and did some sight seeing. We shared an incredible worship experience with MCF which had an unfinished building with far too few chairs.

Upon returning to the US, our church added them to our missions budget and like good Americans hoped that we would help them make improvements to their facilities and do a little outreach. I had a lot to learn about vision and passion for evangelism. Instead of taking our money and doing capital improvements they have spent the last three years spreading out all over Zimbabwe starting new churches and helping villages conquer social ills. And it was not that much money by the way. Pastor Mabasa and their small congregation in one of the poorest parts of Harrare, have demonstrated for us what it means to be on mission. 

Currently, Hope Church sponsors six church plants monthly and has helped fund ten new churches in rural Zimbabwe through our partnership with MCF. We also help provide quarterly training for pastors, planters, and lay leaders working in rural churches. All this and more has been done through building a great Kingdom Partnership that has led to a movement.

Don’t let your short term mission trip be the end of your contact with a mission field. Build partnerships that can lead to movements. If you or your church are looking to build a partnership, please consider Zimbabwe. Tendai Nyatsunga, one of the elders at MCF is currently studying in the United States and is available to speak to you or to your church about what God is doing in Zimbabwe. You can contact him at

Please join us in praying for Zimbabwe!

Read the latest correspondence from Peter Mabasa below:

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Travelogue: Chiapas, Mexico

I had the privilege of spending last week with a few other Christ followers from Hope Church in Covington, LA, Willow Bend Church in Plano, TX, and Oak View Baptist Church in Irving, TX, serving and supporting the Tzotzil Church Planting Movement in Chiapas, Mexico. We traveled 1,500+ miles and saw 30+ people give their lives to Christ while treating 250+ medically. We traveled to two rural villages where churches are being planted among the Tzotzil Indians.

The food was incredible – “Tzotzil Wheat Energy Drink”

The scenery was breathtaking – Along the border of Guatamala

In the Lacandon Jungle

We missed the turn for our resort, but still had adequate housing – TENT CITY!!!

What an honor it was to be used of God to serve and share with such beautiful people. Please pray for the Tzotzil Nation in Chiapas, Mexico.

Please pray for the Tzotzil Church Planting Movement and its leaders. For more info visit

Worth Reading: The Multiplying Church

The Multiplying Church by Bob Roberts, Jr. Just finished Bob Roberts latest book and I’m sad it’s over. I loved this book! As a church planter, Bob Roberts speaks my heart language and gives me permission to continue pursuing my call and passion to see new churches planted all around the world. This is a must read for church leaders! Here are a few quotes that set my heart’s temperature a little hotter and made me think:

– “The future of faith in America (and anywhere in the world, for that matter) is not tied to planting more churches, but in raising up of mother congregations of every tribe, tongue, denomination, and network that are reproducing like rabbits.” (page 18)
– “The hope of the future of the church in the United States really is not in raising up more preachers; we’ve been doing that in high style for the past hundred years. The hope is in pregnant mother churches.” (page 18)
– “The highest demonstration of maturity for a local church is when it multiplies. Only something alive can reproduce, and it will do so only if it is healthy.” (page 61)
– “Churches that see only their own agenda and refuse to live in the broader context of the universal church will never be a part of the coming global church planting movement.” (page 65)
– “…missions isnt’ something you do – it is an expression of who you are.” (page 74)
– “As pastors…if we fail – or more likely simply refuse – to aggressively plant churches, God will hold us deeply accountable for using the church for our own end as opposed to extending His glory to the ends of the earth.” (page 87)
– “Every believer is a church planter. The lowest common denominator in all church planting is the disciple.” (page 105)
– “How sad that we’ve settled for a growing campus instead of striving for a transformed community.” (page 109)
– “Any vision that doesn’t require your entire life isn’t a vision; it’s just a thought.” (page 172)
– “Converts may grow a church, but disciples change the world.” (page 172)

Well worth reading. Also, check out Bob Roberts blog –

Unreached in the Americas

Last week a group from my church journeyed to Chiapas, Mexico to work with the Tzotzil Indians that live in the mountainous region along the border of Guatamala. It was an amazing trip to say the least. We worked along side the International Mission Board Volunteer Strategy Coordinator, Sergio Matassa, and a team from his church (Oak View Baptist in Irving, Texas). Sergio has been working in the state of Chiapas for six years and has formed a non-profit organization called G.L.E.D. (Global Leadership and Economic Development) to help facilitate a church planting movement among the unreached Indians of Mexico.

Our work consisted of three projects:
1) Visit and encourage mission churches planted among the Indian villages around San Cristobal and Simojovel.
2) Construction work at the Institute for Church Planting in Simojovel.
3) Medical Clinic and Evangelistic work in a Tzeltal Indian village near San Cristobal.

The scenery was breathtaking, the food was interesting, but the experience of seeing people of another tongue hear the story of Christ’s death and the way He paved for eternal life was unforgettable.

Please pray for the Unreached Indians of Chiapas, Mexico.

For more info see

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