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Old and New Churches Team Up to Plant in Bunkie

Love this story! One of Louisiana’s oldest congregations – St. James Baptist in Bayou Chicot (started by Joseph Willis in the early 1800’s) & one of Louisiana’s newest congregations – Life Point Church in Mansura, planter/pastor Jacob Crawford, are partnering to start a new church in Bunkie. Planter/Pastor is Reginald Arvie, who also serves Bi-vocationally as a hospital administrator in Mamou. Pray for Reginald, Jacob, & their team that are planting St. James – Bunkie!

Joseph Willis is credited with planting the first evangelical churches west of the Mississippi River. His life is remembered in the great book Twice a Slave.


Have You Seen Any Miracles?

Great story about the miracle of church planting…

Allie’s Song

Great moment a few weeks back at Brandon and Allie Bosarge’s wedding. Brandon actually wrote a song for the occasion. It was awesome and he nailed it. Here’s my personal video and the lyrics are below. Congrats and God’s Blessings to Brandon and Allie!

Allie’s Song

Verse 1:

I am so blessed to have you in my life, to have you as my wife, my one.

To see you in that dress, walking down the aisle, i’ve never seen such beauty as this.

Pre Chorus:

I’ve been waiting so long just to say…


I will be a faithful husband

Righteous, holy man

And always be a freind that loves, protects, and understands.

Verse 2:

Looking in your eyes, chokes me up inside. This is going to happen, your mine.

I vow to you my life. To be your shining knight. To love you til the end of time.


I’ve been waiting so long just to say….

I will be a faithful husband

Righteous, holy man

And always be a friend that loves, protects, and understands.


I’ve been waitin for a day like today

Where I hold you in my arms

So close to my soul

Your heart to mine, we will be as one……….forever be as one.

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