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Disaster Relief Readiness Opportunities

During the 2016 Louisiana floods, I took a lot of calls from young pastors looking for answers on how to respond. I would ask them, “Are you SBC DR Certified?” They’d usually say, “I don’t know.” After talking through various opportunities for the SBC DR Certified churches and volunteers and those that weren’t, the question would be, often times with frustration, “Well, how do I get my church SBC DR Certified?!!??” I’d usually say, “The answer most likely lies in your deleted email folder.” Throughout the year, SBC DR trainings take place around the country. Directors of Missions and State Conventions email and mail invites. They’re well attended, but mostly by older congregations and already trained volunteers. We could talk about why younger pastors and congregations are deleting these invites and seeing them as irrelevant to them:

  • No cool factor because the source is associations and state conventions maybe
  • Associations and state conventions haven’t learned the communication handles and tactics for this generation maybe

Whatever the case, these meetings are the place to get your Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Certifications and Credentials. I’ve been to them. I always enjoy them. Great people. Great info. Don’t delete. Get registered. Get ready to respond. In this fallen world, disasters will happen. It’s not if, but when. SBC DR certification can expand your opportunities for ministry when and wherever disaster strikes.

Get Info and Register for our first Disaster Relief Roundtable and Training in Louisiana, February 3-4 in Hammond HERE. Training forĀ Feeding Units, Shower/Laundry Trailer, Assessment, Mud Out, Chainsaw Crews. Check with your State Convention or local Baptist Associations to find out when training is happening.

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