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Say Yes to the Person and Work of Jesus Christ

Studying through the book of 1 John with our church.

John Resolves to present Jesus as…

  • God revealed in the flesh – 1 John 1:1-4
  • for a world changing, life altering purpose – 1 John 3:5, 8
    • to take away sins
    • to destroy the devil’s work

John presents the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. God in the flesh for a world changing, life altering purpose.

  • Our Response: Simply Believe – 1 John 3:23; John 6:28-29. Believing means saying Yes to the PERSON AND WORK of Jesus Christ. This is a yes that makes an impact on your life!

Believing brings a cascade of effects into our lives:

  1. Your sin is dealt with: Forgiven, Mediated, Cleansed – 1 John 1:9; 1 John 2:1-2 
  2. You have a desire to obey – 1 John 2:3-6; 1 John 3:9 
  3. You have confidence before God – 1 John 2:28; 3:2-3; 5:14-15 
  4. You have his presence within – 1 John 4:4; 5:10-11
  5. You conquer/overcome the world – 1 John 5:4-5 

Have you said Yes to Jesus as God revealed in the flesh to take away sins and destroy the work of the devil? Have you experienced forgiveness, a transformation of desires, confidence before God, His promised presence? and more?

Join Bridge Church on Sunday’s to discover more about Jesus from John and his letter.


I’m not surprised when Christians ignore or bemoan mandates. We’ve been ignoring and rejecting Biblical mandates for centuries.

  • “Go and make disciples” – Pastors job.
  • “care for widows and orphans” – Too hard.
  • “seek first the kingdom of God” – on Sundays.
  • “Deny yourself” – After Mardi Gras.
  • “pray in a private room” – Naa.
  • “give a tenth” – Legalistic.
  • “strive for unity” – if they agree with me.

Building our lives around the mandates that matter most will help us navigate worldly mandates with wisdom and discernment.  

The Soul Sustaining Habit of Scripture Memory

A few years ago, our family was going through one of those down seasons in the ups and downs of life. My mental focus and physical health was declining. I was discouraged and struggling mentally and emotionally. I knew I needed to change a few habits. As part of a recovery process, I deleted a bunch of apps on my phone (which might help you in and of itself) and dusted off an app I had dutifully downloaded but never utilized: The Bible Memory App. I’m now over three years of daily usage. I have over 1,800 verses mastered in the app and review 25-50 verses everyday, during my devotional time, at spare moments throughout the day, and before bed. The habit of scripture memory has greatly improved my spiritual and mental health. It’s helped my preaching, speaking, and my discipling of others, as a growing library of verses are easily recalled in conversation and speaking opportunities. I also have a growing network of friends who are making the habit of scripture memory important, holding each other accountable, and finding the treasure that is God’s word ultimate for sustaining their soul.

While the Bible Memory App has worked for me, I don’t want to recommend that only. There are other good apps and tools out there. I want to recommend the soul sustaining habit of scripture memory. Find a way that works for you to hide God’s word in your heart.

Here are several posts I’ve written about Scripture Memory and the Bible Memory App:

  • Cultivating the Habit of Scripture Memory – Link
  • Why and How to Memorize Scripture – Link
  • Getting Started with the Bible Memory App – Link

20 Questions for a Six-Month Spiritual and Leadership Checkup

This year is half way gone. Here’s a list of questions to journal through to reflect and prepare for the 3rd and 4th quarter:

  1. Has my devotional life been consistent?
  2. Has my prayer closet or private room seen me regularly?
  3. Have I prayed with other believers regularly?
  4. What Bible reading plan have I followed?
  5. What verses or truths have been especially meaningful so far this year?
  6. What books or articles have been especially helpful so far this year?
  7. What personal growth or victory can you thank God for?
  8. What victory or challenge do I need to seek God for?
  9. Who have I sought out for wise counsel? Have I ignored or heeded the counsel of others so far this year?
  10. How many times have I shared the Gospel?
  11. How many lost people am I currently praying for?
  12. How many new relationships have I built with potential new disciples?
  13. Who am I currently discipling and training into godliness and disciple making?
  14. Who am I encouraging through difficulty and affliction?
  15. What have I given away? Have I been faithfully generous with money? Time? Possessions? Words? Wisdom?
  16. What is working? What is exciting? What has momentum? What is bearing fruit?
  17. What is not working? What does it seem like I am pushing up a steep hill? What do I need to give up on? What is robbing me of energy?
  18. What have I neglected? What have I ignored? What am I hoping will just disappear on its own? (But I know it won’t)
  19. What is worth doing, but I’m out of my league? What do I need more power, prayer, people to help with?
  20. Check screen time on my phone. What does it say about my heart and priorities? What does my internet history say about my heart and priorities?

The Converted Minority

“The Christian church with all its faults is the greatest serving institution on earth. It has many critics, but no rivals in the work of human redemption… No other institution has done anything like it—none whatever. The fact that the church has been able to survive the dead weight of a large proportion of its membership unconverted is a proof of its essential soundness and vitality. A minority of converted people keep its soul alive.”

E. Stanley Jones, Conversion

How Do I Start a Multiplying Church?



The Gospel is a proven and tested VIRAL Idea. And Jesus promised to empower the spread of the Gospel through the Holy Spirit. Acts 1:8


Jesus’ started a movement which has exponentially multiplied, partly, because it was as simple as water, bread, and wine.Simple Church = Saying No to Almost Everything.Ask: Is my ministry 2 Timothy 2:2 Simple?


We have so little multiplication because churches have so little margin. We have JUST ENOUGH, instead of MORE THAN ENOUGH.Margin is typically created through BIG CROWDS or RADICAL SIMPLICITY.More than enough can also be toxic. Like a sponge. Like buried talents. Jesus meant for us to use what we have.


Persons of Peace. New Believers network of relationships. Apostolic Leaders. People Groups and Population Segments. Existing Social Movements. People Scattering and moving about the country. New Churches. New Ministries.


Is the invite to our brand of church louder than the invite to the head of the church? Build partnerships with like-minded ministries who are sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a heart to multiply. Ask: “Do I want to reach my community or do I want to see my community reached?”

Four Words for Every Stage of Church Planting and Church Life:

  1. Abiding – Ministry health and effectiveness flows from your personal abiding with Christ. Our first call is to intimacy with God.
  2. Discipling – Early church planting is really Disciple Planting. I’m sharing the gospel and leading one, two, three, a group, several groups into becoming a Disciple who Makes Disciples.
  3. Mobilizing – Groups of disciples should be mobilized to first make other disciples, then to form teams for the maturing of the body and continuing the mission.
  4. Building – Building systems, processes, teams to help mobilized disciples who are abiding in Christ to spread the gospel and make disciples in the whole region.

Which one is the biggest challenge for you and your church right now?

2020 – A Year of Loss

The first quarter of 2021, has been one of reflection. Man! Aren’t we feeling a little better about the world?! A little. Lol. 2020 was a tough year to say the least. For our family it not only included experiencing the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic – shut downs, separation from friends and family, uncertainty about the future, etc. – but also five hurricanes in Louisiana which took me away from home for a lot of nights August – October, as I joined the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief response as an Incident Manager.

I also experienced several losses to my network of relationships that I never really stopped to grieve properly or pay tribute. In the last 13 months, four people have passed away that had significant impact on my life. Over the next few weeks, I want to share the short story of these four people here.

Start More Groups with Three Simple Questions

In today’s cultural climate, starting small Discovery Bible Studies may be the new front door into the kingdom of God. Disciples who make disciples need to learn the skill of multiplying groups, gathering people around the word of God who will gather people around the word of God. It’s not hard. Get ready by:

  • Get real familiar with the Gospel and with simple strategies to spread it – LINKLINK.
  • Learning to Recognize and Look for Persons of Peace or Spiritually Interested People around you – LINKLINK.
  • Ask these three questions when you find them:
  1. Would you be interested in reading / exploring / discussing the Bible to discover more about God?
  2. Who else do you know that might be interested?
  3. When would you like to start?

Gathering people around the word of God in groups that will multiply is a primal practice of disciples who make disciples. Don’t complicate it. Open your eyes, ask these questions, and start a group.

Contagious Relationships

“The most reliable predictor of conversion is relationships, especially preexisting, positive relationships. No movement can sustain exponential growth if expansion is primarily the responsibility of paid professionals.”

“Whatever someone’s prior beliefs, he is far more likely to adopt a new faith if he witnesses a friend or family member convert to the faith.”

“There are many factors that influence the decision to adopt a new faith, but the most important factor is a close and positive relationship with a committed participant.”

“If a church becomes too tight, it will become socially isolated; it may keep it’s members, but it will not grow.”

“Jesus moved from village to village looking for responsive people who would take the good news into the world of their relationships.”

– Steve Addison in Movements that Change the World – chapter on Contagious Relationships

One of the simplest ways to grow the kingdom and our churches is to lead people to identify the people around them who are far from God and train them how to share the faith with them.

  • Who’s Your One? LINK
  • Check out Ying Kai’s “List of 25” – LINK
  • Check out David Watson’s Prayer Calendar – LINK
  • We’ve used No Place Left’s Oikos Map – LINK

Come up with your own, but the gospel must spread again through relationships in today’s culture.

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