Things Spiritual Giants Say

trailI’ve known what I’d consider a few spiritual giants in my life. These are spiritually mature people who I’ve looked to for encouragement & as an example of faith & discipline & spiritual growth. In thinking about what leads to spiritual growth, I got to thinking about their stories & their paths & what I’ve heard these people say about their own growth. What were the catalyst for them? Here’s a few that I remember:

>> “I surrendered my life to Christ when I was __ years old.” Spiritually mature people can point to a time when they began their journey with God & they see that event as a catalyst for almost everything in their lives.

>> “I was reading the Bible the other day and…” or “It’s like the Bible says…” Spiritually mature people have devotional habits like Bible reading that give them a foundation for decision making and life.

>> “I met ____ and they helped me understand God’s will more clearly.” Spiritually mature people often point to catalytic relationships that spurred them on in their spiritual growth & pursuit of Christ. A pastor, a small group leader, a godly friend or family member.

>> “I was on a mission trip in ____ and…” or “I got involved in the ____ ministry of my church and…” Spiritually mature people are always on mission. You’ll find them on mission trips, leading ministries, opening their homes, cooking, serving, sharing, giving.

>> “Life took a turn for the worse, but God & my church family gave me strength.” Spiritually mature people often experienced hardships & tragedy, but they can point to the good & to God’s providential hand at work in the situation. And they can often testify that the hardship was a catalyst for growth.

>> “Can I help you with anything?” or “Can I pray for you about anything?” or “How are you doing?” Spiritually mature people are focused on others. Visit with them & you’ll leave with more than you came with – spiritually & maybe physically. Always giving, always pointing to others.

So, are you and I on the path to spiritual maturity?

  • Can you point to a time when you began a relationship with God?
  • Do you practice daily devotional habits that shape the way you live?
  • Do you have catalytic relationships that challenge you? Or are you in the right place for these to happen?
  • Are you on mission? Are you serving others through your church or some other way?
  • Have you allowed the circumstances & hardships of your life to aid your dependence on God & spiritual growth?
  • Are focused on others or yourself?

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