Your Words Reveal What’s in Your Heart

In Matthew 12:34 Jesus said, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

What’s your heart’s spiritual & emotional condition? Check what’s coming out your mouth. I saw this list & thought it helpful for doing such a check:

  • Harsh tongue = Angry heart
  • Negative tongue = Fearful heart
  • Overactive tongue = Unsettled heart
  • Prideful tongue = Insecure heart
  • Lying tongue = Deceitful heart
  • Filthy tongue = Impure heart
  • Critical tongue = Bitter heart


  • Encouraging tongue = Happy heart
  • Gentle tongue = Loving heart
  • Truthful tongue= Honest heart

How do I keep my mouth in check? Deal with what’s in your heart. And the Good News is that’s where Christ wants to start.

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