“Gaze” – A Few Faces of Community Transformation

This weekend was our quarterly Faith in Action Weekend. Bridge Church takes one weekend each quarter to scatter and serve around our community. A verse that jumped out at me as I prepared for the weekend was Act 3:4, “And Peter directed his gaze at him, as did John.” This was speaking of a crippled man along their path. Wasn’t an entertaining site, but needed the attention of some Spirit-filled Christ followers. Many faces around our communities need our gaze. Here’s a few faces that struck me from our FIA weekend.

Joy! Elderly man suffering from Parkinson's gets a wheelchair ramp on his home meaning he no longer has to call the Fire Dept when he has to get out of his house.

Pain. A local inmate in Celebrate Recovery attending a Family Day Event. He's ready for change.

Dust. A disabled single mom went through a house fire. Volunteers sanding & prepping the interior for new paint get dusty.

Who or what has your “gaze”, your attention right now?

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  1. I drive a lot. As I gaze at the neighborhoods, or see people in other vehicles, or catch folks walking around, I am overcome with the thought that most of those I see are lost.

    I go to a lot of churches. I gaze at the people in the church houses. I confess, I don’t think most of them “get it.” They’d help the wheel chair bound Parkinson’s guy if they “saw him,” I think. They’d pick up sand paper and prep the “burned out” lady if they truly noticed her. I am overcome that so many do not see.

    I pray a lot. Mostly because I, too, am prone to miss the opportunities that God sticks right in the middle of my gaze. Thanks for the reminder.

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