New Data on Faith, Religion, and Perspectives on Church in TANGIPAHOA Parish

We’ve been working with Don Turner from Turner Research on a first of its kind opinion poll survey conducted with residents of the Northshore. The study was commissioned by the Northshore Baptist Association and the LA Baptist Convention. This is the first professional opinion poll that I know of that is specifically Northshore opinions of religion and faith. The study was also conducted in New Orleans and the Shreveport area. Much more will be released in this study in the coming weeks, but here’s a few interesting findings from the Tangipahoa Parish data. See the St. Tammany Data here. I’ve included the St. Tammany data where I could below for comparison sake.

  • 61% said they had not been contacted by a church by phone, mailout, or visit. 66% in St. Tammany.
  • 40% said they would be ok with someone coming to their door to invite them to church. 38% in St. Tammany.
  • 63% said they would listen if a Southern Baptist contacted them with an invitation, compared to 34% w/Mormons, and 30% with Jehovah Witnesses. 51%, 29%, and 25% in St. Tammany.
  • On direct mail from churches: 48% said they “never read it. I always trash it.” 47% in St. Tammany.
  • 67% said they would attend churches that met in schools, movie theaters and other public buildings. 62% in St. Tammany.
  • 63% said they attend church at least 2x per month. However, analysis of attendance roles indicate that actually only 24% attend 3/8 Sunday’s. 64% in St. Tammany.
  • 11% said that when they attend they attend a Southern Baptist Church, 29% Roman Catholic, 6% Methodist, 4% Charismatic.
  • 80% said if they attended church they would enjoy a church of 200 or less the most. 73% in St. Tammany.
  • Ministries needed and that your family would actually attend: Prayer Group – 67%, Informal Bible Study – 59%, Block Party – 49%, Leadership skill development – 40%, Marriage seminar – 33%.
  • “What is one single thing a church could do that would cause you to attend?” 30% said “Clear message/strong service.” 21% said “Less Judgement.” 7% said “Invite me.”
  • 82% of people could not explain clearly how a person can become a Christian. 85% in St. Tammany.
  • When asked, “Would you attend a church with the word Baptist in it?” 68% said yes. 55% in St. Tammany.

More on the study will be released in the coming months. What does this say about our community? Any big take away’s if these are indeed true? Anything surprising? Any question that you have or wish you could ask the community?

About Lane Corley

I am - Follower of Jesus Christ - Husband to the beautiful and patient Heather Corley - Father of three. - Church Planter / Church Planting Strategist with the Louisiana Baptist Convention. - When I can, I’m reading, raised bed gardening, deer hunting, and on mission with my church. - Hoping to be helpful.

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  1. 61% said they had not been contacted by a church by phone, mailout, or visit. 66% in St. Tammany.

    This is a big one. It may or may not correspond to a similar number saying they have not been contacted by a Christian to specifically call them to Christ, but it shows that the majority are being overlooked. Was a question like that on the survey?

    To use a fishing analogy. Most fishermen fish until they have enough fish in their cooler to make a meal or two of it, then call it quits. They are not concerned with catching all the fish in the lake. Likewise, churches, by their actions, seem content to reasonably fill their space and then pretty much call it quits. There is maintenance evangelism, to keep the baptistery in use and the sanctuary full, but no real plan to evangelize entire regions.

    I am glad to have found this blog and will come back regularly.

    God bless,
    Stephen M Young II

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