An Observation: Why does multisite work?

“Multisite church is not church planting.” Many seem to be warming up to the idea of multisite ministry, but there are holdouts who continue to object using the above phrase. Wherever you stand, you have to admit that it appears to be working in a lot of places. Many reasons for this, but one in particular that comes to my mind as a strategists in rural/suburban North America: OWNERSHIP. When a church sends out its name and logo, its pastors face on a screen, its significant financial investment, and its vision for people to be saved and influenced for Christ, failure effects everyone, so it’s not an option.

Working in the area of church planting over the last 10 years, what I’ve observed is usually there is only one person that owns it all: THE PLANTER. If it succeeds, he’ll be written about, applauded, and used to promote offerings. If it fails, we’ll forget it ever happened and hope he and his family land on their feet. No skin off our backs.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe the planter must be out in front of everyone else in ownership of a vision, but if significant obstacles are faced and momentum doesn’t come easy, he may find himself alone. As Church leaders, can we really say we own the needs of the lost in our community if failure of a church plant or sister church would be pain free and perfectly acceptable? Can we say that we are fighting a good fight if we shield ourselves from the risk associated with penetrating the kingdom of darkness through church planting and reaching the unchurched?

I’m praying for the courage of the Apostle Paul. Drug out of town, stoned, left for dead, a failure, he GETS UP and goes back to finish the task. Why? OWNERSHIP.

Romans 1:14-16 (ESV) – “I am under obligation … I am eager … I am not ashamed of the gospel.”

About Lane Corley

I am - Follower of Jesus Christ - Husband to the beautiful and patient Heather Corley - Father of three. - Church Planter / Church Planting Strategist with the Louisiana Baptist Convention. - When I can, I’m reading, raised bed gardening, deer hunting, and on mission with my church. - Hoping to be helpful.

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  1. Excellent article, my friend! Great perspective.

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