“the Lord appointed a great fish to swallow up Jonah” – Jonah 1:17

This Sunday, we will begin a series of messages at our church on the Old Testament book of Jonah. We will not be covering the science of how a man can live in the belly of a whale or fish for three days. If you are one that must have scenarios here are a few informative articles on the question:

Jonah and the Great Fish by Don Landis
Jonah in the Whale by Jimmy Williams

I personally like the humorus story of the atheist who asked a lady if she really believed the Bible to be true.
“Yes,” said the lady.
“Then.” Said the atheist, “tell me how a whale swallowed Jonah, as a whale’s stomach is no bigger than a man’s head.”
“I don’t know,” said the lady: “but when I get to Heaven I will ask him.”
“What if Jonah is not there,” said the atheist.
“Then you can ask him,” said the lady.


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  1. haha! that’s funny! is it really only the size of a man’s head? bizarre…

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