Groaning (Thru the Bible, part 7)

The Exodus story is a favorite of mine. God’s people are slaves to a King in Egypt who has forgotten about, or intentionally and conveniently overlooked, Joseph and his God. The people are suffering, being used, being held captive (just as sin and circumstances can do to us) but “God heard their groaning…” (Exodus 2:24).

Just as God heard their groaning and rescued them, He waits to hear our groans and cries for help. What are you groaning for today? Here’s my list:

– Genuine love among Christians
– Genuine love from Christians to the world without Christ
– Genuine passion from Christians to be used by God
– Genuine kingdom mindedness from churches
– A genuine movement of God that would sweep across our cities
– Genuine leaders who serve humbly and unselfishly and out of a passion to see God’s kingdom grow
– Genuine unity in churches that can see the needs of people and the urgency of the Gospel instead of pet peeves and petty selfishness

More personally, I’m groaning for a friend whose marriage is on the rocks, for a family member that’s addicted and dying, for a number of friends who are struggling to see the world through the lens of past abuse and injustice, for grandparents who are desperate for a grandson’s salvation, for parents who are desperate for their children to come home, for a friend who’s trying to start over again after years of addiction, for a mother of two abandoned by a husband, for a family in substandard housing, for a friend suffering from an incurable disease. I’m groaning for my two boys to understand and give their lives to and for the cause of Christ. I’m also groaning because spiritual leadership is lonely and hard and messy and uncertain. But I am certain that God is hearing my groaning and working actively in all of these situations.

1 Peter 5:7 says, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” That’s what the children of Israel did while in Egypt and that’s what I’m doing today. Father, thank You for caring, for hearing, for sending Your Son, for rescuing, for encouraging, for empowering…………..”

What are you groaning for?

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  1. -unity in the church
    -passion for the lost
    -more Christians operating in their spiritual gifts
    -stronger convictions amongst believers to be great stewards of their gifts and finances
    -churches to be more mission minded

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