Like Father, like sons (Thru the Bible, part 5)

Like Abraham, Isaac had a heart to respond to Yahweh. He obeyed by moving when God said go, worshiped by building altars everywhere he went, believed God’s promise/blessing just like his Father had. Abraham’s obedience impacted his next generation. Abraham’s deceit also was passed along. Just like his Father, Isaac lied about his marital status (Genesis 26:6-11). From this point forward deceit is a common denominator among the sons of Abraham and Isaac. The sons were blessed by God, they worshipped and called on God, AND they continued to live lives of deceit. Isaac’s son Jacob would deceive him by stealing his blessing from the elder son Esau. Jacob would be caught in a web of deceit himself from cousin and Father-in-law Laban (Genesis 28-31) and expect deceit from his brother upon reuniting with him (when you have in your heart ill-will toward others, it may be hard to imagine them not having it toward you). Jacob’s sons deceit culminated in hatred and jealousy toward their own brother, which led them to sell him into slavery and then lie about what happened (Genesis 37).

A couple of lessons: 1) God’s grace can overcome human sinfulness. God remained faithful to Abraham’s boys and blessed them and used them to build a nation.
2) As Father’s, we are laying the moral and spiritual foundation for future generations.

Lord, help me to pass on obedience, a heart of worship, and belief in your promises to my boys.

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  1. wow. thank you for connecting all those dots for us. this is something i’ll always remember.

    and thanks for being the best dad possible to our incredibly handsome and smart nephews.

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