“he did all that God commanded” (Thru the Bible, part 3)

Genesis 6 and 7 tells the story of Noah and the Ark. God “saw that the wickedness of man was great and that every intention of the thought of his heart was only evil continually” (verse 5). So, He decided that it was time to hit restart. The earth would be devastated by a flood, killing every living thing, but humanity would be spared through one man (this sounds like a familiar New Testament story) and his name was Noah.

Noah “found favor” with God, was “righteous,” “blameless,” and “walked with God.” Here’s my question: what separated Noah from the rest of the men on the earth? From Heaven’s perspective, God’s grace had intervened in his life. From earth’s perspective, “he did all that God commanded him.” Could it be that Noah was the last man on earth with a heart to DO what God said?

2 Chronicles 16:9 comes to my mind: “the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward him.”

God’s grace and favor had produced in Noah a desire to obey. When God spoke, he didn’t doubt, question, argue, excuse, ignore, or go somewhere to hide. Noah did God’s will.

Father, give me grace that I may walk with You and do what You command.

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