Resources for Resolution

Here’s a few good resources/ideas for you who are gearing up for New Year’s resolutions or are just hoping to make 2008 a more productive and fruitful year.

1. Each year around this time, I pull out my copy of Jonathan Edwards’ resolutions. Edwards was a pastor and theologian in the 1700’s, but his writings and legacy continue to inspire a lot of people today. The resolutions of Edwards challenge me to think deeper and aim higher. Find them here.

2. A great commitment to make if you’re desiring to grow spiritually or to make a conscientous search for truth is reading through the Bible. The new year is a great time to start and there are a myriad of Bible Reading plans to choose from. Find them online, have them emailed to you daily, there may even be one in the back of your Bible. You can download the one I have used for some time here – NavPress Bible Reading Plans.

3. One thing that we desperately need is deep thinking about where we are, where we’ve come from, and where we are going. It’s easy to get dumbed down by entertainment and materialism. Deep thinking is tiring and risky for the media saturated, depraved mind. A tool to get you started is 10 Questions for the New Year by Donald Whitney. Our church publishes this each year and I have benefited from working through the questions. Find the 10 Questions and other helpful resources here.

4. One of the greatest gifts God has given you is the ability to read. Fast or slow, you can learn from the reading of books. Make a plan to read a few books to help you grow this year. If you pay taxes, you own a vast library which professionals keep updated with the world’s best reading materials (i.e. your public library). Choose some areas that you’d like to grow in and search for books, or ask someone who you admire what books have most inspired them. Harry Truman said, “every leader is a reader.” Make a commitment to read six or twelve or twenty-four books this year. Here is a great article on reading that inspired me.

Happy New Year!

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