Why I Love My Wife

Heather and I finally got to go out for Valentine’s Day last night, thanks to my wonderful Mother-in-law (Nelda), Sister-in-law (Beth), and brother-in-law(Zach). Here is an excert from my 2007 Valentine’s Letter to my wife. I couldn’t post it all – much to hot for your eyes – but you’ll get the drift.

Why do I love my wife?
1) She’s the best friend I could ever have. Always listening. Always caring.
2) She’s the best mother I’ve ever known. Always knows just what to say. Always thinking about what’s best for the family.
3) She’s the best wife I could dream of. Making me look better than I am. Helping me along life’s journey. Forgiving me for my wrongs. Satisfying my needs.
4) She’s sincere. Never shying away from criticism. Always striving to get to the bottom of her shortcomings. Ready to learn and grow.
5) She’s merciful. When I think I’m ready to give up on me, she’s not. She understands my weakness and listens to my problems.
6) She’s tough. She has no patience for my pity. She doesn’t let me get by with saying nothing is wrong. She moves me closer to God and to maturity.

I could go on, but I’ve got to leave something to write next year. Thank You Heather Noelle Corley for being my wife.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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