Priorities: Build Your Life Around ___ vs. Trying to Squeeze It In

Am I trying to squeeze in what I should be building my life around?

  • Establishing solid devotional habits. Time with God.
  • Eye to Eye, Face to Face time with my kids.
  • Eye to Eye, Face to Face time with my spouse.
  • Caring for those who can’t care for themselves.
  • Sharing the Gospel of Christ with others.
  • Mentoring & discipling others in the faith.
  • Opening my home to strangers & those searching for God.
  • Giving sacrificially, regularly, & cheerfully.
  • Gathering with other believers for worship & encouragement. 
  • Using my spiritual gift to serve others.
  • Serving a friend or neighbor with a need.

The statement “I never got around to it” should be left to the trivial, temporal things of this life, not those things that could make a ripple in eternity. Let’s build life around eternal things. Try to squeeze in the rest.

For Churches: 

  • Adopting & praying for unreached people groups.
  • Starting & sponsoring new churches.
  • Starting new groups for new people.
  • Providing opportunities for leadership to new people.
  • Finding & reaching out to unreached people & population segments in your community.
  • Encouraging missionaries, first responders, community servants.
  • Feeding, clothing, visiting ministries to the community.

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