Dear Jackson: Love God, Love Others

At four years old I love your enthusiasm for your friends. I’m praying that you’ll never lose that love for others and that light in your eyes when your best buddies enter the room. I’m praying that God will bring into your life those that you can trust, who will desire what’s best for you, and who will desire that you become all that God wants you to become. You’ll continue to find these kind of buddies at church. Church matters because friendships are strongest when they are bound together by a common love for Jesus and His mission for the world. I’ve seldom been let down in my life by those who had a genuine passion for Jesus and His mission. I have been let down by people that called themselves Jesus lovers, but had a self-centered mission instead of a Christ-centered mission. I’ve also let people down and lost my enthusiasm for others when I’ve allowed my self to be the issue, instead of Jesus and His desires. I’m praying that you’ll have wisdom to recognize these kinds of people and have the humility to admit when you stray yourself. I’ll strive to be this kind of friend to you always. Love, Dad

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